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LWVWC Fraud Prevention Resources

Originally prepared in connection with a March 2014 Program

Places to Report Fraud

  • Local Police Departments
        Fayetteville: 479.587.3555 or online
  • Arkansas Attorney General Consumer Protection Division HOTLINE: Toll free 800.482.8982 or online
  • FBI: 501.221.9100 or Little.Rock@ic.fbi.gov
  • U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging HOTLINE: 855.303.9470 or online
  • Identity Theft Victims Assistance Network
  • AARP Fraud Message Board. Share to prevent other victims.

    General Fraud Information

  • AARP: Six Common Cons You Should Avoid
  • NCOA: Top 10 Scams Targeting Seniors
  • Bankrate.com: Fraud: 6 Scams Aimed at the Elderly
  • The Lola Chronicles (Personal Account of Incidents)
  • Ark. Atty. Gen.: Scams Targeted at Seniors

    Consumer Fraud

  • Contractor and Home Improvement Fraud (VIDEO 43:45)
  • USA.gov: Report Consumer Fraud

    Identity Theft

  • AARP: Ten Ways To Prevent Identity Theft
  • Identity Theft Victims Assistance Network
  • FTC: Report Identity Theft

    Financial Fraud

  • New York Times: Calling All Cheats
  • NBC News: Scams Targeting Older Americans Enriching Con Artists
  • NCRC: Preventing Financial Fraud and Abuse against Older Adults
  • Financial and Fraud Schemes (VIDEO 53:23)
  • Ind. Atty. Gen.: Elder Financial Exploitation: 5 Steps to Protect Yourself from Financial Exploitation

    Protection Aids

  • Scambusters. Sign up for weekly newsletter on scams and other protective information.
  • AARP: Protect Your Parents from Scams
  • FTC: Do Not Call Registry
  • USA.gov: How to Protect Yourself Against Consumer Frauds and Scams
  • USA.gov: Consumer Protection for Seniors
  • Block Robo Callers (with some cooperating phone companies)
  • NCPC: Protect Yourself from Telephone Fraud
  • AARP Fraud Watch Network
  • FDIC: Consumer Protection
  • MO Atty. Gen.: Protecting Missouri Seniors
  • CFPB: Financial Protection for Older Americans

    Last updated March 2014