LWVUS 2006-2008 Immigration Study


Scope for the LWVUS 2006-2008 Immigration Study:

-Underlying values and principles regarding immigration

-Reasons for migration from other countries, including but not limited to:

   Effects of global interdependence on migration
   Motivation of refugees and asylees
   Motivation of other immigrants

-Current federal immigration policy, including but not limited to:

   Effectiveness in uniting families
   Effectiveness in meeting needs of businesses
   Effectiveness of enforcement
   Human rights concerns

-Impact of immigration, including but not limited to:

   Economic effects of authorized and unauthorized immigration
   Inclusion of immigrants in American society

Materials: LWV Study Briefs -- LWV Conference -- LWV Background Materials -- LWV Consensus Questions -- Arkansas Immigration Study -- Newer Materials

I. Immigration Study Briefs

The following articles are taken from the LWV National Voter publication:

Immigration Study Brief No. 1 - Global Interdependence and Migration

Immigration Study Brief No. 3 - Border Enforcement

Immigration Study Brief No. 4 - Family Reunification and Diversity Policies

II. PODCAST VIEWING ONLINE: Immigration Policy in the 21st Century Forum. Listen to or view the entire program with questions and answers or individual speakers.

III. Background Papers

1. Immigration Policy: Family Reunification

2. What Motivates Immigrants to America

3. Federal Immigration Policy: Enforcement Issues

4. Immigration: Diversity and Inclusion

5. Effects of Global Interdependence on Migration

6. Economic Aspects of Authorized and Unauthorized Immigration

7. Immigration and the Economy

8. Overview: Federal Immigration Policy and Proposed Reforms


IV. A Profile of Immigrants in Arkansas by Randy Capps et al. (Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation)

Executive Summary
Volume 1: Immigrant Workers, Families, and Their Children
Volume 2: Impacts on the Arkansas Economy

V. Newer Materials

Arkansas Coalition for DREAM