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LWVWC Mental Illness and the Juvenile Justice System Resources

Originally prepared in connection with an April 2014 program

Meeting Handouts

  • Why the JEMI [Judicial Equality for Mental Illness] Coalition? (Nancy Kahanak, JEMI, 2014)
  • Identifying Target Populations for Diversion from the Criminal Justice System: Preliminary Evidence
  • (Mindy Bradley, Univ. of Arkansas, 2014)
  • JEMI Vision, Goals, Elements & Next Steps for NWA (David Williams, 2014)
  • Additional Resources

  • Treat, Don't Jail, the Mentally Ill (Nancy Kahanek, Arkansas Times, August 20, 2015).
  • Mental Health Needs Deserve Attention: How Caring for Least Among Us Is Matter of Public Safety (Association of Arkansas Counties, 03/29/2014)

    Last updated August 2015