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League of Women Voters of Washington County, AR

Transportation Resources

Originally prepared by LWVWC in connection with the 2011 LWVAR Program on Transportation

  • Issues and Plans for Public Transit in Washington and Benton Counties (Karen Rollet-Crocker, LWVWC, 2011)
  • Washington County AR League of Women Voters (LWVWC) Program for Action, including Public Transportation
  • 2035 Northwest Arkansas Long Range Transportation Plan. Look under Departments and Programs, Transportation, Long Range Transportation Plan.
  • Northwest Arkansas Transit Development Plan, Final Report (Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission, December 2010)
  • Advancing Energy Efficiency in Arkansas, Opportunities for a Clean Energy Economy (American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Research Report E104, March 2011)
  • Greater Northwest Arkansas Development Strategy (Northwest Arkansas Council)
  • Last updated April 2011